claire and flamingosClaire Christie

Host and Executive/Creative Producer

Claire is an actor, with BFAs and MFAs and lots of pictures of her in weird costumes to prove it. You're most likely to see her in stuff you've never seen (experimental theater and independent film), but she grew up on Shakespeare and always loves being a chorus girl and seeing big budget movies. Mostly she just loves things that push us to think and connect with new people, ideas, and places.

Her superpower is always grabbing the right size tupperware for storing food. She just may be Fridge Tetris champion of the world. If she's not playing video games or cooking, you might catch her gardening or taking way too many pictures of her cats. Claire loves purple and she loves to travel. If she could travel in purple things she would be super thrilled.

kitten snuggle fest Claire has created ad copy, sold advertising, office managed, toured internationally, written, directed, produced, company managed, bookkept, theater managed, taught, voiceovered, commercialed, box officed, narrated audiobooks, and occasionally slept. Some of the many organizations she's proud to have worked with include Oklahoma Shakespeare in the Park, Shenandoah Shakespeare, PushPush Theater, Collective Works, The Object Group, and Georgia Aquarium, where she also volunteered on the animal care side and rediscovered her desire to save the world and spread the religion of science love to all who will listen!


jeremiah meets dolphin

Jeremiah Kulani Prescott

Director and Executive/Technical Producer

Jeremiah Kulani Prescott wears many metaphorical hats, but few real hats…they make his head itchy. Always a film buff and a keen critical consumer of story, he spent years and years trying on many more hats that didn't quite fit: Music Major, Philosophy Major, roustabout, Drum 'N Bass DJ, Delivery Driver, Music Major (again), and Pizza Store Manager. In 2003, he caught the storytelling bug, and decided to forsake hats altogether to become a filmmaker.  

jkp & tortoise

After earning a degree in the Recording Arts in 2004, he co-founded production company Media Vs Media where he wrote, produced, directed, and edited numerous commercials and short films throughout the southeast region. He has been active in the Atlanta film community ever since, serving on the board of PushPush Theater's film collective "The Dailies Project." He worked on the Sound Design for 2007 Sundance hit feature film, "The Signal", and the 2012 horror anthology "VHS". He has since focused on telling stories through sound as a Sound Designer. His most recent credits include TV shows "Stuff You Should Know" 2013, for The Science Channel, and "Off Beat Eats" 2014, for The Cooking Channel.

He loves animals, and is excited to use his talents and skills to make a difference in the world. That, plus he'll get to see all sorts of kickass animals. He still only wears hats when it is entirely necessary to either stay warm, or keep the sun off his face.

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