We did it in 12 easy steps!

claire meets dolphin

1. Have a childhood dream to work with animals, save the world, and do really cool acting stuff.

2. Become an actor as a career, and watch a lot of nature shows to appease the animal stuff.

3. Get a day job at an aquarium because it sounds cool.

4. After 7 years of talking about the animals, finally get a chance to interact with one.

5. Have a life changing experience and decide you want to, no MUST work with animals.


6. Volunteer to care for the animals so you can learn more about them and their caretakers.

7. Percolate how to make your life change and realize you want to host a nature and travel show.

8. Go on awesome adventures with your boyfriend and notice that not everyone is paying attention to what is best for the animals or nature.

9. Decide you will expose them all on your investigative journalism show.

claire & jkp

10. Realize you don't like the negative spin and decide instead to highlight the people who fight the good fight.

11. Recognize that while you can't save the world by yourself, you can make a difference by supporting others who work toward it, every day.

12. Save the world with Kickass Animal Encounters...or how to save the world in         easy steps.