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tiny fishyOur mission is all about exploration, love of nature, learning to be good stewards, and taking action toward a sustainable future. Kickass Animal Encounters...or how to save the world in        easy steps takes us all on incredible journeys to inspire personal responsibility while reminding us to enjoy the adventure along the way.

But producing a series is expensive. Equipment costs, insurance, travel, studio fees, storage media, graphics, sound effects, music licensing, etc. all add up fast. Then there's "regular" business expenses like registrations and memberships, website creation and maintenance, paper, toner, printers, marketing, and tiger tutus (just kidding, you shouldn't have a tiger as a pet or teach them ballet)!

Your support helps at any stage, but getting in at the beginning makes an even bigger difference! Every donation is vital now, when it's a larger percentage of our budget, and leverages even more funding. Along with our weekly shorts, we are currently producing three sample episodes for our "pitch packet" which we will show to potential sponsors and funders.


Your support will help us achieve our goals:

claire & turtle √  Develop strategic/business plan
 √  Create website, facebook, youtube, etc
 √  (1 of 3) Shoot three sample episodes (1st episode in post)
 √  Fundraising round 1: targeted campaign for basic equipment and some travel costs, goal $10K
     Fundraising round 2: crowdfunding campaign to complete episodes, online presence & pitch packet, goal $25K ($14K in pledges, $3800 received - STILL GOING! 2015/16)
   Weekly Video Series Launched! (Winter 2015/16)
     Fundraising round 3: episodes in front of larger funders, goal $50-$100K (2016)
     Complete first series (6 episodes) (TBD)
     Find partners to measure sustainability, award green makeovers, and boost conservation reach of featured organizations (long term goal)
     Grow website into resource for sustainability rankings, featured organizations, destinations, products and services that share conservation goals (oh, also, save the planet)

Contact us to send a check (preferred method - no fees removed!),

or click the button below to donate via PayPal or credit card today.



Thanks for kicking ass with us!





Founding Donors:

Milton Sams, Art & Carolyn Christie, Eric Heller & Christopher Spivey, Bob Brown, Rick Stafford, Barbara & Jay Rosovsky, Jeanne Dillinger, Whitney Prescott, Leighton & Martha Moore



Don Gulick, David Moore, Tracey Brower, Frances Chang, Karl & Tas Sigler, Angela & Chris Aquino, Teresa G Burkett, Arian Gulick, Lauren Gunderson, Dikran Tulaine, Amy Erlich, Annie Guzman, Ellen Reed-Walsh, Nik Sarosy, Sherry & Justin LeBlanc, John Strange, Keith Hooker & Leslie Sharp, Dan Bush, Kris Devega, Christina Dresser, Benjamin Carr, Jahmar & Camille Hannans, Hannah Walker, The Object Group/Michael Haverty, Madeline Stix, Diana Lancaster, Kate Stuart, Pat Young, Kelly Young, Spencer & Jessyca Holland, Angelyn Pass, Kristen McGary, Phyllis Waits, Dayle Adams, Katie O'Neil & Bernard Setaro Clark, Rory Sullivan, Laura Carter, Rob Mosca, Brian & Jennifer Eig, Andrew Sweeney, Curtis & Julie Gee, Alex Motlagh & POPFilms, Melissa Palmer & Hi Ho Films, Carrie Bruce, Dr. Nicole Turgeon, Marchet Sparks, Bret Wood, Mike & Karen Perkins, Amanda Levine, Linda Burns & JD Taylor, Donald Webster


Web Gurus:

Lennie Mowris, Kevin Mowris


Contributing Artists:

Jordan Harris, Lennie Mowris, Stacey Bode



Dr. James "Buddy" Powell, Pat Rose & Save the Manatee Club, Ivan Vicente, Capts. Mike & Stacy Dunn & Manatees in Paradise, Matt & Sue Clemons & Aardvark's Florida Kayak Company, Maritime Aquarium at Norwalk, The Audubon Institute, Georgia Sea Turtle Center, Tanya Smith & Turpentine Creek, Dr. Tarah Hadley & AWARE, Jessica Fontana & Georgia Aquarium, Bruce Carlson, Dr. Al Dove, Josh Ford, Jahmar Hannans, Roger Montiel, Heather Burkett Roy, Raymond Carr, Thom Benson, Rachel Pendegrass, Sirkka Hougard & t-Rex, Mel Mushill & Soul, Josette Landry and Lucy, Edie Sayeg & Bunco, Lorie Dunn, Mark Mandica, Crystal & Chompers (Anthony), Andy Clement


Equipment & Space:

Nick Hiltgen, Aimee McCoy & Tae Eady, Nate Dorn, Jose Acosta, Chad Crowley, JP Pruner


Consultation, Advice, and Information:

Drew Sawyer, Mike McReynolds, Angelyn Pass, Pat Young, Brian Newman, Elisa Fay, Michael McReynolds, Andy Coen, Stacey Bode, Scottie Rowell & C4 Atlanta, Josh Ford, Brenda Norbeck, Dayle Adams, Andrew Sweeney, Matt Brohammer, Josh Wilcox, Adam Thompson, Alicia Clement, Anna Macowiak, Linda Burns, Tim Habeger, Aimee McCoy, Heather Barton, Shelby Hofer, Jahmar Hannans, Berny Clark