Tell it to my heart.

Let's face it, animals are just plain awesome, and if you're a biophile* like me, you want to hug every animal in the world.



If I only had a brain.

Unfortunately, it's usually not good, not safe, and not healthy for us to interact directly with wild animals in their natural habitat. Kickass Animal Encounters …or How to Save the World in        Easy Steps helps us scratch that itch to cuddle all the cuteness in the world, in a way that's sustainable* for everyone involved.



More than words.

We are a nature and travel show that takes you on ecologically responsible adventures around the world. Together, we'll meet the amazing inhabitants of our planet and get to know the people who dedicate their lives to protecting our natural world.


Kickass Animal Encounters brings you everyday, special occasion, and once-in-a-lifetime encounters that are true ecotourism*, not just greenwashing* hype. Join us on all our adventures where you can make a difference for these animals and help save the world!

*$5 words - there will be a quiz: